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List of 4 Top Brokers and Sites

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Binance is the most popular crypto exchange by a wide margin. It enables both trading of non-leveraged and leveraged crypto instruments. The selection of tradable crypto-related instruments is huge, and include leveraged tokens, vanilla options, perpetual and quarterly futures contracts setteled in BUSD, USDT, and cryptocurrencies.

You can also buy crypto directly from the Binance website.

Instrument categories: Futures, Perpetual, Spot

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2.0 / 5.0 ~2,800 TrustPilot reviews
100% Website popularity globally



OKEx is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges and trading sites. You can use OKEx to trade spot and simple options, in addition to margin trading, perpetual swaps, futures, and options. Most of the cryptos are available to be traded with perpetual instruments and up to 75x leverage.

You can buy crypto directly from OKEx as well.

They do also offer a range of other crypto-related products. This includes a DeFi Hub.

Instrument categories: Futures, Margin, Options, Perpetual, Spot

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3.6 / 5.0 ~280 TrustPilot reviews
94% Website popularity globally



Kraken is one of the most popular companies when it comes to crypto. They enables clients to buy, sell and trade digital currencies. They allow futures cryptocurrency trading with up to 50x leverage. At the moment there are 5 cryptos you can trade here. These are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple. You can also use Kraken for margin trading with up to 5x leverage. Try them out with a free demo trading account.

Instrument categories: Futures, Perpetual

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2.1 / 5.0 ~1,450 TrustPilot reviews
97% Website popularity globally



dYdX is a decentralized exchange that enables trading of perpetual futures on layer 2. This helps to avoid the high Etherem transaction fees. 15,000 traders are already using the dYdX exchange. You can too, with a minimum deposit of $10.

Instrument categories: Perpetual

Risk warning: dYdX is a decentralized exchange.

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66% Website popularity globally