Tradable Instruments is a website part of the Sites of Finance network.

We started this website to help inform people where to trade what.

With so many online trading websites all offering a different set of tradable instruments, we thought this website could provide a useful resource.

The Green Meters

To give an indication of the popularity and customer satisfaction with each listing on this website, we show two green meters. One is showing how popular the website is, according to traffic statistic by Alexa. The other shows customer review score from the popular review website TrustPilot.

About the Author

The content on Otrai is written by Aleksander Blomquist (born in Norway, 1986). He has been interested in investing, online trading, and finance for a long time.

He has a business degree from a school in Norway. Most of what he knows about business and finance, however, has been learned after finishing school and studying these topics on his own.

Affiliate Partnerships

We are affiliate partners with most of the CFD brokers, crypto exchanges, and other trading sites. We try not to let this influence the information we write too much.

If you are an affiliate yourself, you should check out our list of the best online trading affiliate programs on our other website.